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When Project scope is not clearly defined, or a project is open-ended and iterative in nature, we use an Onsite Delivery Model where work is performed at the client premises. Throughout the assignment our consultants report to an onsite project manager and also report back to our offices on a regular basis. Among the services provided by an onsite consultant are: project requirements capture and technology assessment, creating functional specifications, develop testware, Test Execution and Defect Management.

Onsite Projects:

A team of ThirdEye consultants works in collaboration with or in parallel to project team at client location to complete a technology project. This model allows for the most efficient teamwork and communication of changing project requirements.

Onsite Supplemental Staffing:

Niche technology experts from ThirdEye join the clients project team to supplement gaps in expertise and resources. By accessing ThirdEye technology consultants our clients can ensure that you get just the right skill set at just the right time in their project cycle.

Direct Control over the project
Availability of Skilled Resources
Easy Management of Testing Requirements

  The STC Advantage

TestLabs with Information Security Management Process and Procedures.

Serving Fortune Global Clients
with diversified Technology.

Stand-By Resource Pool.

Static analysis methods on source code to exploiting some kinds of software to report a potential vulnerability in the system.

Proven testing technique whereby explicit knowledge of the internal workings of the item being tested is used to select the test data.

Specific knowledge of
programming code to examine

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