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Embedded Systems Testing

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Structured and measurement-based procedures are essential for Efficient and effective embedded software Quality Assurance.

ThirdEye provides a range of services for accurate, non-intrusive measurement of real-time software performance.

ThirdEyes software metrics, static analysis, coding conformance, test-case generator, performance analysis, software test, regression testing, code coverage and report generation procedures deliver accurate, thorough and repeatable measurement systems for optimization, test and Verification & Validation on safety-critical, performance-critical and security-critical embedded applications.

Our quality assurance methodology improves embedded development productivity by automating the process of test-case creation, measurement and recording, and assist in conforming to quality standards in a defined software development process.

ThirdEye's Embedded Software Quality Assurance provides:
Static Analysis
Coding standards conformance checking.
Dynamic Analysis.
Single, reconfigurable hardware instrument for Debugging and Testing.
Automotive Power train development platform.
Real-time, non-intrusive measurement of Embedded System-under-Test.
Test Coverage Measurement.
Automatic Test Harness Generator.
Regression Testing.
V&V Documentation.
  The STC Advantage

TestLabs with Information Security Management Process and Procedures.

Serving Fortune Global Clients with diversified Technology.

Stand-By Resource Pool

Static analysis methods on source code to exploiting some kinds of software to report a potential vulnerability in the system.

Proven testing technique whereby explicit knowledge of the internal workings of the item being tested is used to select the test data.

Specific knowledge of
programming code to examine

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